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The Bus Stop

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a remote, private retreat hidden in the forest

Private Deck & Pond

The perfect setting to relax and appreciate nature, have a glass of wine at night, enjoy a meal, or just sit and take in the moment..

A trickling water feature flowing into your own pond.



A large desk for your laptop, art project, or anything you choose to help fill your days.


Cozy Bedroom

Your space to recharge and rest - a full, hotel quality queen sized bed. The view out the windows makes this space feel like a treehouse.


Cedar Cottage Interior

Every area of the bus interior is finished in beautiful aromatic cedar, recalling the sensation of a log cabin or other natural traditional setting.


Full Kitchen

From the large Aron sink to the live edge countertop, this space is designed to give you the space and elements you need to cook a gourmet meal.


Outdoor Shower

Experience all the sounds and smells of nature while you shower, or close the sliding glass door for a more secure vibe. A 'demand' hot water assures that you'll never run out of hot water.

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